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Paav Bhaji

Its raining here though it is peak summer. Raining on and off makes the mood clumsy and crave for spicy foods.One of ever green favourite for all chat lovers is Paav Bhaji. Special talent of my beloved friend help to satisfy spicy craving and this is one of those. Yes today we will be sharing the recipe to do Paav Bhaji, the famous Mumbai street chat foods.
The recipe is so simple except the preparation of Bhaji masala, which is bit time consuming. Neverthless all efforts are so worth for end result with flavourful Paav. For Paav Bhaji Masala, I used the recipe of Sharmis Passions.You can also use MTR paav bhaji masala and give a sure try. Lets jump to the recipe. On Short note, this will be another guest post by my friend. Dedication from her to this blog.

 Ingredients :

Paav Bun - 2Potato -2 bigMixed vegetables (Chopped Carrot, Peas, beans) - 3/4 cup Onion - 1 big (Finely chopped)  Tomatoes - 1 big (Finely chopped) Bell pepper (Green and Red chopped) - 1/2 cup Green chilli - 2   Ginger…

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